US-Based Capital Markets Analyst calls for Finance Ministers Resignation

Accra, Ghana – Ebenezer Kwasi Henaku Jnr, an American-based Capital Markets analyst and known NPP supporter has caused a stir in the political arena with a bold statement calling for the resignation of the current Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta. Mr Henkau, made the statement in a recent social media post, saying that the minister’s management of the post-COVID economy of Ghana has been “reactionary” and has not lived up to the expectations of the NPP’s economic management prowess.

The analyst, who has a strong background in economics and a history of defending the NPP, stated that the government has no moral right to touch the investments of individual bondholders and pensioners while still witnessing financial waste and spillages. He went on to emphasize the need for the government to demonstrate empathy to the people of Ghana through actions rather than just biblical quotations.

The government has NO MORAL RIGHT to touch Individual Bond holders’ investment and certainly not that of Pensioners while it still keeps a large government and still supervising a lot of financial waste and spillages

Ebenezer Kwasi Henaku Jnr

Mr Henaku also highlighted the need for the NPP and Ghana’s fortunes not to be sacrificed for the benefit of a select few and called for the Finance Minister to step down and bring in a fresh wind of change and hope.

The statement has sparked widespread discussion and debate among political commentators, with many agreeing with the analyst’s assessment of the current state of the economy. It remains to be seen what actions government will take concerning the fate of Pensioners and Individual bondholders on the Debt Exchange program especially as the governing party’s own loyalists and members are rising against it

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