NPP’s Ernest Yaw Anim Emerges Victorious in Kumawu By-election

Ernest Yaw Anim, the parliamentary candidate representing the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has been declared the winner of the by-election held in the Kumawu Constituency of the Ashanti Region. According to the Electoral Commission’s official results, Anim secured 15,264 votes, which accounted for an impressive 70.91% of the total valid votes cast. The National Democratic Congress’ candidate, Kwasi Amankwaa, garnered 3,723 votes, equivalent to 17.29% of the valid votes.

The two independent candidates in the race, Kwaku Duah with a bird symbol, obtained 2,478 votes, representing 11.51% of the valid votes, while the other Kwaku Duah, identified by a hoe symbol, received 62 votes, amounting to a mere 0.29% of the valid votes cast.

The detailed breakdown of the results from the Kumawu by-election is as follows:

  1. Ernest Yaw Anim (NPP): 15,264 votes, accounting for 70.91% of the valid votes.
  2. Kwasi Amankwaa (NDC): 3,723 votes, representing 17.29% of the valid votes.
  3. Kwaku Duah (Independent): 2,478 votes, equivalent to 11.51% of the valid votes.
  4. Kwaku Duah (Independent): 62 votes, making up 0.29% of the valid votes.

The total number of registered voters in the constituency was reported as 34,790, with a total voter turnout of 21,731. Out of the total votes cast, 21,527 were deemed valid, while 204 votes were rejected.

With this outcome, Ernest Yaw Anim emerges as the representative of the Kumawu Constituency in Parliament. The victory for the NPP candidate signals a significant achievement for the party, as they secure a seat in the Ashanti Region. The results highlight the electorate’s choice and the democratic process that allows citizens to exercise their right to vote and determine their representation.

It is now the responsibility of the elected representative, Ernest Yaw Anim, to fulfill his campaign promises and work diligently to address the needs and concerns of the constituents in the Kumawu Constituency. The outcome of this by-election also serves as a valuable opportunity for political parties to assess their strategies and engage with the electorate effectively, as they continue their pursuit of serving the people and contributing to the nation’s progress.

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