“NDC’s Lack of Preparedness Raises Concerns Ahead of Kumawu By-elections”

In a surprising twist, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has demonstrated a lack of seriousness and preparedness for the upcoming Kumawu by-elections. Mustapha Gbande, the NDC’s Deputy General Secretary, made a declaration the moment he was asked about the number of polling stations and electoral areas in the Kumawu Constituency. Gbande incorrectly stated that there were approximately 56 polling stations and around 20 electoral areas. It was Nana Boakye, the National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who corrected him on the same show, revealing that there are actually 75 polling stations and 25 electoral areas in Kumawu.

The NPP’s Nana Boakye took the opportunity to criticize the NDC’s lackluster preparations for the by-elections. He expressed his disappointment in the NDC’s inability to gather vital information and details crucial for such important elections. Boakye condemned their incompetence, stating that they should not make baseless accusations or blame the Electoral Commission if they perform poorly in Tuesday’s by-elections. His remarks underscored the NDC’s apparent lack of commitment to winning the elections and raised doubts about their ability to compete effectively.

The NDC’s failure to acquire accurate information and their apparent lack of preparation for the Kumawu by-elections have left many observers shocked. The party’s Deputy General Secretary’s incorrect response regarding the number of polling stations and electoral areas reflects poorly on their campaign. As election day approaches, the NPP’s Nana Boakye has warned the NDC against making excuses for their potential loss, highlighting the NDC’s demonstrated incompetence. It remains to be seen how this lack of preparation will impact the NDC’s performance in the crucial by-elections and what consequences it may have for the party’s future prospects.

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