National Peace Council denies neglect of duties in Ghana

The National Peace Council (NPC) of Ghana has denied reports that it has failed in its duties. The council has refuted claims that it only speaks up during elections and is not active at other times. According to the council’s Chairman, Reverend Ernest Adu Gyamfi, there are currently 292 cases before the council, with 112 of them being chieftaincy issues. He emphasized that the council is not a paid job, and its members are eminent citizens who have volunteered to serve their country.

The NPC’s role is to promote peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution in Ghana. It is responsible for coordinating conflict prevention, management, and resolution, and building sustainable peace through networking and coordination. The council is also tasked with strengthening the capacity of chiefs, women, youth groups, and community organizations to prevent and resolve conflicts non-violently.

The opposition National Democratic Congress and other political parties have criticized the council in the past for not speaking up on issues that they expected it to address. However, the council has stated that it is actively working on several cases across the country and is committed to its mandate of promoting peace in Ghana.


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