“MP Urges Closure of Flood-Affected Schools in Ketu South Constituency to Ensure Safety Amidst Devastating Flooding”

The dire situation in the Ketu South Constituency has left residents in a state of distress. Abla Dzifa Gomashie highlighted the gravity of the flooding, revealing that the water levels inside homes were equivalent to those on the roads, leaving people unable to sleep in their own rooms. Even classrooms have not been spared, exacerbating the need for urgent measures to address the unfolding crisis. The MP expressed her frustration, stating that finding alternative spaces, such as churches, for people to seek shelter has proven to be a challenging task. She suggested utilizing the Municipal Assembly Hall, which remains unaffected by the flooding, as a temporary refuge until suitable accommodations can be arranged.

One of the major concerns raised by the MP is the lack of adequate infrastructure, particularly the absence of tarred roads. With the inundated streets, she emphasized the heightened risk of accidents, including slips and broken bones, due to the treacherous conditions. Furthermore, the overflowing lagoons and wetlands have contributed to the severity of the flooding, leaving the community with no outlet for the excess water. Abla Dzifa Gomashie stressed the urgent need for immediate action to address the current crisis while also highlighting the importance of long-term solutions, such as infrastructure development and robust drainage systems, to mitigate future flooding events.

In Sum, Abla Dzifa Gomashie, the MP for Ketu South Constituency, has called for the closure of schools affected by the devastating flooding in the area. The urgent measure is aimed at ensuring the safety of the children who would otherwise have to wade through floodwaters to reach their schools. The severity of the situation, with water inundating both homes and classrooms, calls for immediate action to provide suitable shelter for the affected population. Additionally, long-term solutions focusing on infrastructure development are essential to prevent and mitigate future flooding events in the community.

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