Michael Kwabena Amoah Scores Big in FIFA Football Agents License Exams!

In an exciting turn of events, Michael Kwabena Amoah has confidently secured his place among the world’s elite football agents! Successfully tackling the challenging FIFA Football Agents License Exams, Michael showcased that he’s not just a player in the game but a top scorer.

This exam, renowned for its complexity, demands candidates to clinch a minimum 75% score to bag the qualification. And guess what? Michael did just that, proving he’s ready for the big league.

Flashback to April, where almost half of the participants couldn’t make the cut. But our man Michael showed them how it’s done, leaving no room for doubt about his prowess in the realm of football representation.

With this license now adorning his credentials, Michael is poised to connect football maestros with global clubs, and as the January transfer window beckons, the industry is abuzz with what moves he’ll be orchestrating.

A remarkable fact? There are only 4,552 licensed football agents worldwide, placing Michael in a prestigious circle of influencers shaping the future of football.

For those with stars in their eyes, dreaming of joining the ranks, the exam is set to return next year, providing another shot at glory.

Cheers to Michael Kwabena Amoah on this fantastic achievement! The football world watches in anticipation of his next big play.


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