Former President John Mahama Blames Government for Inadequate Dormitories in Some Senior High Schools in Ghana

Former President John Dramani Mahama has spoken out about the dire situation facing students in some Senior High Schools in Ghana due to inadequate dormitories and feeding challenges. Mr. Mahama has attributed this problem to the government’s failure to complete educational projects that were initiated during the National Democratic Congress (NDC) era.

The issue of inadequate dormitories has come to light after a viral video showed students at Ghana Senior High School in Tamale using toilet cubicles as a boys’ dormitory. The Ghana Education Service (GES) has interdicted the headmaster and senior housemaster of the school for investigations to commence.

Mr. Mahama has blamed the government for stalling infrastructure projects such as administration blocks, lecture halls, and dormitories, which were initiated during his time in office. This has left many students without proper accommodation, making it difficult for them to study and focus on their education.

He further stated that feeding in some schools is also a challenge, with students going hungry while in school. Headmasters are prevented from intervening in such cases, exacerbating the situation.

The former President has promised to change the situation if elected back into office. He has criticized the current government for failing to prioritize education and for neglecting infrastructure development in schools.

Meanwhile, the headmaster of GHANASCO, Douglas Yakubu, has denied the story, saying that it was staged to tarnish the image of the school. However, the journalist behind the story, Prince Kwame Tamakloe, insists that the story is true.

This situation highlights the importance of education and infrastructure development in schools. It is essential for the government to prioritize education and provide students with adequate facilities, including dormitories and proper feeding programs. Students cannot learn and excel if their basic needs are not met.

The government must ensure that education remains a priority and that schools are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support learning. It is also crucial for the media to continue to expose such issues in schools to hold the government accountable and ensure that necessary action is taken to address the problem.

In sum, the issue of inadequate dormitories and feeding challenges in some Senior High Schools in Ghana must be addressed urgently. The government must take action to complete ongoing infrastructure projects and prioritize education to ensure that students can learn and excel in a conducive environment.

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