Former NDC Organiser Aspirant threatens to exile NPP if they refuse to hand over power in 2024

Former National Organiser aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Henry Osei Akoto, has issued a warning to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), stating that if they refuse to hand over power after losing the 2024 elections, they will have to do so from exile.

Akoto’s comments came in response to remarks made by Bryan Acheampong, the Minister of Food and Agriculture and Member of Parliament for Abetifi. Acheampong had stated that the NPP would not hand over power to the NDC and that they would use all means necessary to remain in power.

The NDC has called for Acheampong’s arrest for his comments, but Akoto went a step further, warning that if the NPP refused to relinquish power after losing the election, they would be forced to rule from outside Ghana.

“Be rest assured that the NDC will employ every means necessary to win election 2024. Whatever it takes!” Akoto tweeted, adding that the NDC was ready to match any violence the NPP brings.

“If you won’t hand over power when you lose, we will make sure you rule from exile, not in Ghana,” he said.

Akoto’s comments underscore the deepening political tensions in Ghana, with both parties already trading accusations and engaging in verbal sparring.

In a recent speech to party supporters in Kwahu, Acheampong had vowed that the NPP would not cede power to the NDC, warning that the opposition party would be met with “men” if they attempted to use violence or other means to seize power.

However, Akoto’s comments indicate that the NDC is equally determined to win the election and would not hesitate to use force if necessary.

The political climate in Ghana has been tense in recent years, with allegations of corruption and calls for electoral reform. The upcoming 2024 election is seen as a critical moment for the country, with both parties vying for power and tensions running high. It remains to be seen whether Akoto’s warning will escalate the already-tense situation or if it will prompt the parties to find common ground and work towards a peaceful election.

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