ECG issues warning to customers in Volta Region

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has issued a warning to its customers in the Volta and parts of Oti regions to pay their bills or face disconnection within 14 days. According to the Acting Volta Regional General Manager of ECG, Michael Buabin, the disconnection exercise would be carried out in accordance with the PURC Regulation LI 2413.

Buabin noted that ECG does not take delight in disconnecting customers, but it would only be done as a last resort to prevent the customer from accruing more debt and to enable the company to gather more revenue to keep the electricity supply chain running.

The company recently embarked on a one-month national revenue mobilization exercise which saw it recoup over 40 million Ghana Cedis in Volta and parts of Oti Regions. During the exercise, ECG noticed that regular payments are not made by its customers, resulting in an increasing debt profile. The company has thus pledged to sustain its revenue mobilization efforts by carrying out the exercise during the last week of every month.

ECG customers who fail to pay their bills within the 14-day grace period will be disconnected. Customers who have received their March bills between the 1st and 10th of April are due for disconnection if they do not pay up as of April 24. The disconnection may not necessarily be due to the current bill, but due to previous arrears as stated in the three columns at the bottom of the bill. Customers are urged to pay the figure stated at the AMOUNT PAYABLE column of their bill to avoid indebtedness.


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