Allotey Jacobs blasts NDC for calling for the arrest of Minister Bryan Acheampong

Former NDC Chairman Bernard Allotey Jacobs criticizes party for calling for the arrest of Minister Bryan Acheampong

Former NDC Chairman for the Central Region, Bernard Allotey Jacobs, has criticized his former political party, the National Democratic Congress, for calling for the arrest of the Minister for Agriculture, Bryan Acheampong. In a recent speech, Acheampong emphasized that the NPP would never hand over power to the NDC and warned against the use of threats, violence, and foolishness during the 2024 election.

The NDC has labeled Acheampong’s comments as treasonable and called for his arrest by the police. However, Allotey Jacobs believes that the NDC’s response shows weakness in the party. As an experienced politician, he believes that the key strategy in politics is to “punch” the opponent hard, and that is precisely what Acheampong has done.

According to Allotey Jacobs, Acheampong’s comments were only meant to energize the NPP’s support base. He also said that the NDC’s call for Acheampong’s arrest shows fear of the future and what is to come.

Allotey Jacobs’ criticisms come at a time when the NDC is calling for unity within the party to prepare for the 2024 elections. His comments also highlight the growing divisions within the party, with some members calling for a change in leadership.

However, Allotey Jacobs’ views on Acheampong’s comments have also been criticized by some members of the NDC. They believe that Acheampong’s words were unacceptable and that he should be held accountable for his statements.

The NDC’s call for the arrest of Bryan Acheampong has sparked a debate within the party and the political arena in Ghana. Allotey Jacobs’ comments highlight the different views on how the party should respond to such statements. The NDC will have to find a way to address these differences and unify to present a strong challenge to the NPP in the upcoming election.

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