“Accusations of Bias: National Organizer of NDC Criticizes IGP over Failure to Act on MP’s Comments”

The National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joseph Yamin, has accused the Inspector General of Police (IGP), George Akuffo Dampare, of “tarnishing his image” and being the “worst” ever IGP in Ghana’s history. According to Yamin, the IGP’s work is now “questionable,” and he wonders why the IGP cannot cause the arrest of the Member of Parliament for Abetifi Constituency, Bryan Acheampong, over some comments he made on a political platform.

Bryan Acheampong, who is also the Minister for Food and Agriculture, recently made some remarks that have drawn the ire of the NDC. During a health walk through the principal streets of Mpraeso on Saturday, April 8, 2023, Acheampong was emphatic that his party, the New Patriotic Party, will ensure that they remain in power in the 2024 general elections. He maintained that the NPP is not ready to hand over power to the NDC, and his party will go to the election fully prepared. According to him, the NPP has the men to match the NDC boot for boot during the 2024 polls.

However, the NDC called for Acheampong’s arrest, describing his comments as reckless and treasonable. In a statement signed by their General Secretary, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, the party urged the Ghana Police Service to immediately arrest and bring Acheampong to book. Despite the NDC’s call for his arrest, the police are yet to respond or release a statement concerning the matter.

Joseph Yamin has accused the IGP of not having the courage to arrest Acheampong, saying he “doesn’t have the balls.” Yamin’s comments suggest that he believes the IGP is biased towards the ruling party and is not willing to enforce the law fairly. This is not the first time the police have been accused of being biased towards the ruling party, and it raises concerns about the independence and impartiality of the police service in Ghana.

The police service is meant to be impartial and enforce the law without fear or favor. However, accusations of bias and lack of impartiality have plagued the police service for many years. The police must be seen as impartial and independent if they are to maintain the trust of the public. The failure to act on the NDC’s call for Acheampong’s arrest will only serve to reinforce the perception that the police are not impartial.

In conclusion, the accusations made by Joseph Yamin and the NDC raise serious questions about the impartiality and independence of the police service in Ghana. The failure to act on the NDC’s call for Acheampong’s arrest will only serve to fuel these concerns. It is imperative that the police service is seen to be impartial and independent if it is to maintain the trust of the public and effectively enforce the law.

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