Accra Regional Minister Reaffirms Commitment to Bring Discipline and Sanitation to the Region

Regional Minister for Accra, Henry Quartey, has met with the Ga Traditional Council to discuss his ongoing campaign to bring discipline and sanity to the region. Quartey has taken several decisive actions in recent years, including demolishing structures located in unauthorized areas and arresting many street hawkers, which has deterred others from similar activities.

Quartey has also introduced a new initiative called “Clean Your Frontage” to encourage residents of Accra and its environs to keep their surroundings clean. As part of his achievements, he has relocated some traders from Agbogbloshie to Adjen Kotoku Market in the Ga West Municipality.

However, there were rumours prior to the Christmas season that Quartey had given up on the “Let’s Make Accra Work” campaign due to resistance and threats from affected individuals. In response, Quartey stated that he was simply recharging his battery and would soon resume his efforts.

During the meeting with the Ga Traditional Council, Quartey expressed a need for billboards to be erected to help spread awareness of his plans and deter lawbreakers. He assured the council that he would strike again soon, once his battery was fully charged.

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